Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

New JAMNAV Update – JAMNAV 3D Version 4.0 – June 2015

JAMNAV 3D v 4.0 – List of Updates

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Over 200 individual brand new updates included in this release.

**Over 130 brand new road names added in this update**

**Stop Lights Alert – Get an ALERT as you approach Traffic Lights across Jamaica

**JAMZONE BOWLING ALLEY in Manor Centre now mapped**

1. Embassy of Belgium in New Kingston now mapped.

2. New roads mapped in the Caanan Heights community in Clarendon.

3. Lime Tree Oval in Bernard Lodge now mapped.

4. Tamarind Farm Correctional Centre in Bernard Lodge now mapped.

5. New roads added in Lakes Pen and Melvin Park, St. Catherine.

6. Lemon Cl, Lemon Dr, Lemon Blvd, Tangerine Dr, Mangerine Dr, Ortanique Cl, Ortanique Cres in Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine now mapped.

7. The GraceKennedy STEM Centre at Water Ln in Parade Gardens, Kingston now mapped.

8. GraceKennedy Distribution Centre and World Brands in Spanish Town now mapped.

9. Honey Bun at 26 Retirement Crescent, Cross Roads, Kingston now mapped

10. Now mapped Chez Maria Fine Cuisine, Taurus Garden Chinese Restaurant and Total Travel Agency at 80 Lady Musgrave Road now mapped.

11. Laughing Waters in St. Ann now mapped

12. Hollywood Dr off Old Hope Road in Kingston changed to Hollywood Rd.

13. The location of Goblin Hill Villas at San San Portland has been updated.

14. Mavis Bank Coffee Factory in Mavis Bank now mapped.

15. Fort Nugent and Martello Tower in Harbour View, St. Andrew now mapped.

16. Port of Spain Way, UWI Mona Campus, Kingston 7 now mapped.

17. New roads mapped in Governors Bench, Flamstead and Content, St. Andrew.

18. New roads mapped in St. Mary:

I. Church St

II. Grey St

III. Brown St,

IV. Baileys Vale Rd

V. Oxford Rd

VI. Free Hill Road

VII. Kampala Dr

VIII. Kigali C

IX. Pretoria Dr

X. Hospital Rd

XI. Spider Dr

XII. Clemetson Ave

XIII. Warners Ln

19. Annotto Bay Health Centre in St. Mary now mapped

20. Gibraltar Heights community in St. Mary now mapped

21. New roads added in the Annotto Bay area of St. Mary: Purcell Ln, Port Arthur Ln, Lodge Ln, Guptar Ln, Fort George R), Sand Ln, Fairweather Dr, Hammond Dr, Gibraltar Heights Rd, Ross Dr, Wilson Cl, Newland Cl, Addison Cl, Bundah Dr, Seaside Dr, Fairfield Ave, Seaside Ave, Seafront Dr, Seaview Blvd and Fairfield Cl.

22. New roads added in Buff Bay Portland: Nelson St,

23. Pine Grove community in Buff Bay, Portland now mapped

24. Routing direction updated at the Balmoral Ave and Maxfield Ave intersection.

25. New roads added in Hellshire St. Catherine

26. Shoppers Fair Supermarket along Washington Blvd changed to Sovereign Centre on the Boulevard.

27. eMedia Interactive at 80 Lady Musgrave Rd in Kingston now mapped.

28. New roads added in the vicinity of Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium.

29. New roads added in Richmond Estate, St. Ann.

30. Watermount Health Centre in Back Pasture, St. Catherine now mapped.

31. Black Pasture Community changed to Back Pasture in St. Catherine.

32. New roads added in Homestead St. Catherine.

33. Capital Hearing Services and Jamaica Association for the Deaf at Caledonia Lane, Kingston 5 now mapped.

34. Now mapped in Spanish Town, St. Catherine: Mews End, Meadows Blvd, Gabay Ave, Jordan Dr, Rachel Dr, Savanna Dr, and Executive Gardens.

35. Birdsucker Cl and Lloyd Cl in Graham Heights St. Andrew now mapped.

36. Oliver Cres in Cherry Gardens, St. Andrew now mapped.

37. Canaan Heights community in Clarendon now mapped.

38. Now mapped in Curatoe Hill, Clarendon: Union Court, Trenton Court and Curatoe Pl

39. New road mapped in Canaan Heights Clarendon: Mother Rogers Ave, Jody Brisset Ave, Wedder Crer Ave, Rose Gordon Ave, Kingsley Borosingh Ave, Bongo Natty Ave, Billy Shagoury Rd, Jeffery Ave, Shannon Lloyd Cres, Dada Boy Ave, Lloyd Davis Ave, Michael Manley Rd, Mother Hinds St, Ronald Hall Ave, and Smokey Millard Dr.

40. Coates Pen Rd near Mineral Heights Clarendon now mapped

41. Peters Rock community in St. Andrew is now mapped

42. New Roads mapped in Clarendon:

1. Mother Hinds St

2. Giron Ave

3. Carpenter Ln

4. Atkinson Dr

5. Woodlawn Dr

6. Ink Dr

7. Deander Dr

8. Romance Ave

9. Fiscus Cres

10. Blue Mahoe Blvd

11. Cedar Grove Dr

12. Baileys Ave

13. Rectory Rd

14. Sylvester St

15. McGregor Ave

16. Bartleys Ave

17. Bucks Haven Cres

18. Weathers Ave

19. Arnold Dr

20. Alexander Ave

21. Rosalee Ave

22. Oliver Dr

23. White Ave

24. Leon Ave

25. Pimento Dr

26. Lily Pl

27. Acorn Dr

28. Almond Terr

43. New roads added in Port Henderson – Morgan’s Dr, Morgan’s Wy and Port Royal Dr

44. New roads added in the following communities:

1. Old Works, St. Catherine

2. Back Pasture, St. Catherine

3. Belfield, St. Catherine

4. Bellas Gate, St. Catherine

5. Blue Hole, St. Catherine

6. Browns Hall, St. Catherine

7. Browns Town, St. Catherine

8. Charing Cross, Clarendon

9. Connors, St. Catherine

10. Duxes, St. Catherine

11. Ginger Ridge, St. Catherine

12. Gordon Hill, St. Catherine

13. Hayle, St. Catherine

14. Hill Top, St. Catherine

15. Juan de Bolas, St. Catherine

16. Junction, St. Catherine

17. Kentish, St. Catherine

18. Marlie Hill, St. Catherine

19. Pennington, St. Catherine

20. Point Hill, St. Catherine

21. Pusey, St. Catherine

22. Roaring River, St. Catherine

23. St. Faiths, St. Catherine

24. Top Hill, St. Catherine

25. Watermount, St. Catherine

45. The Community of Vista Del Mar in St. Ann is now mapped.

46. New road mapped in Vista Del Mar:

1. Venezia Ave

2. Columbus Cres

3. Rova Ave

4. Milano Dr

5. Columbus Dr

6. Genova Dr

7. Diego Cl

8. Admiral Cl

47. Gloucester Dr in St. Ann’s Bay now mapped.

48. Greenwich Mews, Greenwich Meadow and Greenwich Terrace.

49. Roaring River Dr, Water View Terr and Chalk Hill Dr now mapped in Steer Town St. Ann.

50. The following roads were mapped in Greenwich Park Drax Hall, St. Ann:

1. Greenwich Meadow

2. Park Ln

3. Greenwich Blvd

4. Kenmay Rd

5. Mahoe Dr

6. Mammee Bay Rd

7. Deborah Court

8. Richmond Hill Rd

9. James Court

10. Alberta Court

11. Pratt Cres

12. Cedar Dr

13. Mahogany Parkway

14. Logwood Cres

15. Greenwich Ave

16. Greenwich Cres

17. Greenwich Mews

51. UWI Waste Water Treatment Plant now mapped.

52. Harmony Ln is Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth now mapped.

53. JSIF relocated to Oxford Road in New Kingston.

54. JamZone Bowling Alley at Manor Centre in Kingston now mapped.

55. New roads mapped in Montego Bay, St. James:

1. Church Lane Blvd

2. Wugga Ln

3. Norwood Gardens Blvd

4. Lavender Cres

5. Benjie Terr

6. Walter Lilly Cres

7. Westgate Hills Blvd

8. St John’s Rd

9. Sunflower Cres

10. Hibiscus Cres

11. Garden Cres

12. Garland Ave

13. Mckenzie Dr

14. Providence Blvd

15. Montpelier Pl

16. Jimmy Cliff Ave

17. Wilshire Ave

18. Palmyra Pl

19. Flamstead Pl

20. Catadupa Pl

21. Adelphi Pl

22. Somertol Pl

23. Pasberry Pl

24. Lethe Pl

25. Piagara Pl

26. Providence Dr

27. Providence Wy

28. Top Rd

29. Middle Rd

30. St Peters Blvd

31. St Paul Ave

32. St Peters Ave

33. St Matthews Ave

34. St James Cl

35. Appleton Hall Rd

36. Richmond Hill Rd

37. Fairview Cl

38. Phoenix Dr

39. Phoenix Rise

40. Hems Rd

41. Fairview Dr

42. Valley View Drive

43. Mountain View Ln

44. Mountain View Wy

45. Arcadia Dr

46. Westgate Cres

47. Mountain View Dr

48. Top Hill Dr

49. Westgate Walk

50. Valley View Cres

51. Clark St

52. Trinity Cir

53. Westgate Prkwy

54. Trinity Ln

55. Catherine Mews

56. Tucker Main Rd

57. Johns Hall Main Rd

58. Fairfield Ave

59. Fairfield Cres

60. Pegga Rd

61. West Ave

62. Tucker Ave

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