Mona Geoinformatics Institute (MGI), at the University of the West Indies, Mona, has developed and released the Caribbean’s first GPS navigation map – JAMNAV©. JAMNAV© is the GPS navigation map for Jamaica which provides users with street-level, voice-assisted, turn-by-turn navigation from a start point to any desired

With its high level of coverage, attributes and accuracy, JAMNAV© is designed to provide Jamaicans and tourists alike with a faster, safer and easier, method for finding their destination. There are also practical applications for local delivery and courier companies, fleet operators, and national security. Mona
Geoinformatics Institute is the official Garmin™ map developer for Jamaica, providing map data for the full range of Garmin™ navigation units.

Product Description

JAMNAV© is based on the Garmin™ platform, the worldwide leader for personal navigation devices, and a perennial Best Buy and Recommended product by Consumer Reports and other reputable magazines. JAMNAV© reflects the same quality and content with which users are familiar when using similar systems in the United States, Canada or Europe. Additionally, as a local developer, MGI has taken into consideration all the local complexities when delivering such a product for Jamaica. JAMNAV© offers over 24,000 km of navigable roads and over 25,000 points of interest (POIs) in 80 categories including gas stations, hotels, eating places, shopping places, and attractions and over 300,000 3D buildings across Jamaica. Users of the product will have a real-time digital road map for their Garmin units and Kenwood DNX car radios and be able to plan their route or change it on the fly in first-world style and comfort.

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