Saturday, August 9th, 2014

The Mount Rosser Bypass Edition – JAMNAV Update 3D v 3.8 Now Available

JAMNAV 3D v 3.8 List of Updates – August 2014

The Mount Rosser Bypass opened on August 5th, 2014 has been added to this update.
• The Kingston Postal Address is now included for all POIs. For example Mona GeoInformatics Institute (MGI) – KGN 7 has been added or Norman Manley International Airport, KGN 1 has been added.
• 150 New Points of Interest (POIs) added in Port Maria, St. Mary.
• 29 New Point of Interest (POIs) added in Port Henderson, Portmore, St. Catherine
• 11 New Point of Interest (POIs) added in Glengoffe, St. Catherine
• 27 New Point of Interest (POIs) added in Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew

Detailed Updates for JAMNAV Version 3.8 -2014
1. Cedar Grove High School in Gregory Park, Portmore now mapped
2. All postal codes added to POIs in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.
3. Skrikie T’s Restaurant in Treasure Beach now mapped
4. GAC – Global Accountacy College in Kingston now mapped
5. Approximately 5 Km of new roads added in Jericho and Claremont, Hanover
6. New roads added in Luana St. Elizabeth: june rd, khanni rd, robertson st, bustamante st, patterson rd, crooks st, reynolds rd, paul rd, sharpe st, bogle dr, jags rd, duel rd, caine st, buchanan rd, holmes rd, marley st, brown st, marley rd, mcdonald st. shields rd, bogle st, utan rd, dunkley st
7. New roads added in the Bull Bay area: copaban dr, seashore dr, canewood cl, jupiter cl, west wind rd, marine dr, marina cl, rest haven cl, rest haven dr, seaview dr, saxon cl, retreat wy, saturn cl, wickie wackie blvd, pluto wy, wickie wackie dr, retreat dr
8. New police post at The Meadows of Irwin in St. James is now mapped.
9. Robert Schuman Roundabout in Agualta Vale St. Mary now labeled.
10. Port Maria Cemetery now mapped
11. The location of Trinity Primary School in St. Mary corrected
12. Juici Patties at Constant Spring Road (Manor Park) now mapped
13. Reggae Falls in Hillside St. Thomas, now mapped
14. Hope Hill Heihgts in Bull Bay, Kingston now mapped
15. Plymouth Wy and Plymouth Cl in Millsborough now mapped
16. Toss & Roll Salad Bar and Opa Greek Restaurant Hope Road in Kingston now mapped.
17. Road configuration updates in sections of Beverly Hills St. Andrew.
18. Mount Rosser Bypass Toll Plaza mapped and added to JAMNAV
19. Patta Cake at Boulevard Supercentre changed to Sugar and Spice.
20. Issues along West Street in Old Harbour now fixed.
21. Glenmuir Terr and Glenmuir Dr in May Pen now mapped.
22. Eve Terr in May Pen now mapped.
23. Paradise St in May Pen now mapped
24. Road names now added in May Pen paradise st, treadlight rd, jackson dr, mayor st, treadlight st, nickel ave, doctor bell dr, north st, pineapple court, rose path, orchid cl, hibiscus cl, bougainvillea path, bougainvillea cl, bougainvillea wy, sunflower wy, bougainvillea blvd, zenna path, bucks cl, petal path, tulip ave.
25. Irie Blue Hole in Lodge Ocho Rios now added to JAMNAV
26. National Bakery and Goodwill Pharmacy in Papine now mapped
27. Me-We-She-Style Wholesale in Papine now mapped
28. Now mapped in Gordon Town St. Andrew Gordon Town Methodist Church , Gordon Town Post Office, Bill Express, Original Kentucky Drinking Saloon, Wash & Shine, Jackies Variety Store, Peyton Place Drinking Saloon, Dreamz Cafe Internet and Computer Services, Catering Services & Restaurant, United Pentecostal Church Gordon Town, Laundromat Genies, Stamma Wholesale & Retail, Roots Man Foundation Variety Store, Just Bet, Supreme Ventures Ltd, Wray’s Hideout, Tip Toe Inn, Sophies Place, Gordon Town Health Centre, St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church.
29. Hong Kong International Restaurant is now located immediately upstairs Champion Supermarket and Wholesale, Dacosta Drive, Ocho Rios.

All added in Port Maria St. Mary

• L.I.M.E.
• The New Port Maria Pharmacy
• Port Maria Community Centre
• The Meat Place
• Just Bet
• Juici Patties
• Super Simon Wholesale
• Ken Li’s Haberdashery
• Agriculture Hut
• 137 Supermarket & Wholesale
• Books Stationery & Supplies
• Jamaica Fire Brigade Div HQ – Port Maria
• Edge Chem Paint Store
• Total Care Medical Centre
• Docs 4 Kids
• Port Maria Gospel Chapel
• Port Maria Catholic Church
• N.I.S. (National Insurance Scheme)
• Port Maria Dental Clinic
• Middlesex Medi-Centre
• Central Medical Laboratories Ltd
• Medi Rays Ltd
• St. Paul’s Funeral Home
• Emmanuel Apostolic Church
• Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness
• Smart Start Learning Centre
• P.N.P. Central St. Mary Office
• N.H.T. (National Housing Trust)
• Dr. Petra Hines
• Linval A Cummings Attorney at Law
• Sandra’s Trulook Fashion Designing
• Sharon’s Bar and Rest
• Tuff Cut Barbers
• Ling Fei Wholesale
• Park Restaurant
• Wholesale Juice
• Francesco Sales and Service
• Quality Auto Parts and Accessories
• Silla’s Automotive
• Flairs International Boutique
• Cola’s Leather Collection
• Jewellery
• Best Deal Bicycle
• B & W Department Store
• Core Computer Services
• Ice Cream Pastries
• Ruby’s Bar
• D.P.S. Farm & Garden Supplies
• Andy Lou Supermarket and Wholesale
• M.K. Mart
• Ultra Boutique & Home Goods
• B.S.R. Fashion
• Cornwall’s Auto Parts & Accessories
• Pioneer Supermarket
• Rainbow Wholesale and Supermarket
• Parkway Pharmacy
• Golden Store
• Tony Pen Supermarket and Wholesale
• N.W.C. Credit Union (National Water Commission)
• Chicken Hut
• Clare’s Super Med Pharmacy
• Port Maria O.T.B.
• Supreme Ventures Ltd
• Shining Star Furniture
• Edward’s Wholesale & Retail
• Rubis Gas Station
• Emmanuel Baptist Church
• Stokes/Sharpe Education Centre
• L.I.M.E.
• Port Maria Sanitary Convenience
• St. Mary Parish Council
• N.W.C. Port Maria Commercial Office
• Port Maria Court House
• Port Maria Catering, Bar & Cafe
• St. Mary’s Church
• Claude Stewart Park
• L. P. Enterprise
• Alotta Variety
• L&Y Supermarket
• Xin Wholesale
• Western Union
• Fx Trader (Money Exchange. Cambio)
• Bill Express
• D.H.L. Ltd
• Fx Trader (Money Exchange. Cambio)
• Tara Courier Services Ltd
• Kong’s Wholesale
• TC Smart Shop
• B.N.S. (Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd)
• B.N.S A.T.M. (Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd)
• L.I.M.E. Phone Cards
• Leonie M. Campbell & Company – Attorney-At-Law
• L. P. Martin Hardware
• National Land Agency (N.L.A.)
• Kris and Charles Investment
• A.I. Gracey & Associates Ltd
• Port Maria Sports Bar & Games Room
• Sunrise Apartments
• North Coast Counselling Services
• Van’s Hardware & Lumber Yard
• Up & Running Restaurant
• Port Maria Arcade & Transport Centre
• The Business Hub
• Dr. Audley S. Campbell
• Andrea’s Make Over
• Just Bet
• Supreme Ventures Ltd
• Port Maria Glass & Supplies
• K-O’s Soulfood
• Tee-K’s Quality Store
• JB’s Flowers
• Mizpah Furniture
• Paramount Fitness Store
• R&N Variety Store
• Tax Authority of Jamaica (T.A.J.) Port Maria
• Supreme Ventures Ltd
• Just Bet
• Port Maria Enterprise
• A.M.L. Bakery
• The Salvation Army
• Cool Assorted Drinks & Snack
• Island Traffic Authority Port Maria Depot
• First Regional Cooperative Credit Union
• N.P.G. Insurance Brokers
• Lyric Hardware
• Envouge Beauty Salon
• Small Engine Repairs
• Norm’s Pizza & Burger Joint
• Port Maria Medical Lab
• Travel Incorporated
• The Flower Basket
• Sharon’s Fabric World
• Grace Christian Ministries
• Veroneeth M. Mckenzie – Attorney-At-Law
• Fashion Net Variety Store
• Cheap Store Mini Mart
• Eddies Tyres & Lubricants
• Port Maria Books & Record Centre
• Paymaster
• T&T Technology
• North Eastern Construction, Consultants & Associates
• Alpine Climic
• J.N.G.I.
• Bill Express
• Shiloh Apostolic Church
• H.E.A.R.T. Trust – N.T.A
• St. Mary Infirmary
• Rio Nuevo Block Manufacturing & Hardware
• Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning
• Epping Gas Station

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