JAMNAV© has the potential to become a hybrid map and phone-book via JAMNAV© Extras -with the addition of places’ opening hours, phone numbers, fax numbers, URLs and corporate logos, along with a corporate jingle and proximity alerts. Restaurant menus can even be added as necessary. This is especially true when, for particular Bluetooth-enabled units synced with compatible phones, hands-free phone calls can be made to that POI telephone number, or any other number the user may have stored in his or her address book. Particular units may be integrated with a vehicle’s audio system made possible by the unit’s FM transmitters. Units may also carry voice-activation.

Custom entries are also possible. In addition to the general release POIs, organizations may have their specific assets included into the system for their internal use. Special environmental data versions exist – which includes all national parks and protected areas, as well as all caves in Jamaica. Re-routing is also possible, as are user preferences for fastest or shortest routes. MGI has pre-programmed perennially crime-ridden areas, and weighted such places to avoid preferred routing through those locales (available via the faster time route preference). The on-the-fly re-routing capability gives users immediate options in the event of road-blocks, land-slips and flooded roads, all likely events when traveling across and around Jamaica.

Coordinates (rather than POI names or addresses) can be entered directly, opening up potential avenues of use with GPS tracking systems (the navigator is not a tracking device in and of itself). This means that emergency responders can utilize this feature in the field, as opposed to having base operators provide over-the-radio directions to the field units. This integrated use of GPS technology across the tracking and navigator platforms expands the level of service companies can offer, and enhances existing modes of operations.

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